What we can do for you: Take accurate photos of your field and determine the conditions of your crops, including NDVI, Stand Count, Uniform Height and more.

Improve Decision-Making and Planning

AccuWing provides pilot and aircraft services with the objective to gain concrete data for your reporting and analysis. To accomplish this, we work hand-in-hand with you (and your farm manager, or agronomist) to provide the aerial services and data you need.

Born out of manned aircraft flying, our aim is to provide data confirmed through aerial services and leave the decisions to you. Besides our dedication to your success and our considerable experience, what distinguishes AccuWing from others is the direct connection between reporting and analysis.


AccuWing uses accurate sensors that generate True NDVI reports. Most consumer drones only offer synthetic reports. AccuWing’s highly modified sensors provide the gold standard when it comes to NDVI. Read more here: True NDVI vs. Synthetic Explained.

Understanding Sensors

There are many types of sensors (cameras) available for drones and farming. To help farmers and managers understand the products available, please visit this page: Sensor Value. The use of consumer cameras can give farmers and managers false impressions and not true data. Let AccuWing provide you the best data possible.

Private and Secure Data

You own your data! AccuWing can generate reports or provide the raw data directly from the camera to you.

Let AccuWing Fly with In-Field Processing

No need to wait days for data. AccuWing’s unique field-side processing allows farmers and managers to make decisions immediately.

Leave the paperwork and certifications to AccuWing and concentrate on your area of specialty while we utilize our considerable experience to get your job done quickly and accurately. The FAA requirements for UAS/Drone Operations are cumbersome at best. An FAA Remote Pilot license and registered aircraft is required at a minimum. Let AccuWing fly and we’ll let you farm!

AccuWing’s AccuPrice Industry Up-Front Pricing

Please request a demo here: Contact Page. Our agriculture prices in Central Illinois range from $2-$3/acre with a minimum of 40 acres plus $1/mile.

Plant Height

Stand Count

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