What we can do for you: Take accurate photos and LiDAR images of your cell towers, wind turbines, and other infrastructure up close and with very high resolution.

Safe Fast Inspections


Underwriting and claims assessment

Immediate deployment

Vast area coverage

Acquire superior data to assess losses

Infrastructure Surveying

Monitoring railroad ties

Road damage assessment

Power line and transformer monitoring

Surface extraction for hydrologic modeling

Evaluation of urban land use


Wind Turbines

Regular inspections prevent issues from developing into “catastrophic” failures.

Detect erosion early and reduce drag and flow separation.

Localized damage can be repaired inexpensively when detected early.

Lower cost by eliminating crane or climbing expenses.


Mine monitoring and inspections that are fast and dependable.

Oil Gas

Risk Management – Monitor ongoing data and gather crisis information

Pipeline Monitoring

Environmental Assessment

Transmission Lines – Assess maintenance needs and improvement needs of lines


Cell Tower Inspection

Bridge Inspection

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